Do your cats participate in shows and are they liked by people?

British cats and british kittens of our cattery have been honored with high awards and titles at licensed international shows where they are constantly exhibited. Quality of British cats from our cattery has been confirmed by high grades given by WCF and TICA international judges. Our cats are both repurchased by other British catteries and bought as pets.

What’s the color of British chinchilla white or british silver shaded cats? What about their specific features?

A lot of show visitors come up to us all the time being enchanted with beauty and charm of our British silvery cats. It is impossible indeed to pass indifferently by British cats and British silvery kittens with expressive emerald green eyes as if they are penciled in black. They resemble polar foxes by color, have a charming smile and plush soft hair. The silvery color of British cats came to existence just about 15 years ago. Cats from our cattery belong to the best European breeds and are featured with good health, excellent character, and sagacity.

If you want to buy a kitten with good health and gentle character, a British short-haired kitten is your choice!

History of the breed: How did British cats appear?

British cats is a breed with ancient history and powerful genetic base to imbue the cats with endurance, robustness, survivability, and mental health. British cats belong to the group of short-haired cats; they were bred in England and some other European countries. The British short-haired cat acquired its present-day appearance by the end of the 19th century. The British breed standard was approved in the early 1980’s.

What is special about British cats?

British short-haired kittens have a big, robust and muscular body, short and strong paws (big and rounded), a thick and short tail rounded at the tip, a round head with eloquent eyes and charming smile. The cats have short and plush hair.

What about the British cat’s character?

The chinchilla white and silver shaded color of British cats was achieved using Persian chinchilla as the basis. The silvery color gene makes British cats affectionate. British short-haired cats are communicative, considerate, and not revengeful at all. They are smooth-tempered, affectionate, composed animals, but they are also playful and agile. You will always find British kittens next to you, they will share your everyday business, but they will not bother or tire you with their presence.

How friendly are British cats?

Our cats are very friendly and affable.

British short-haired chinchilla and silver shaded cats sit on your hands, purr, help relax and remove stress. They always try to sit as close to you as possible, cling to you with their soft plush hair and warm you with their body heat. Tactfulness and intelligence are specific features of the British short-haired chinchilla breed.

How do British kittens get along with children?

They get along perfectly with children and find common language with other pets; a cat and a dog live in the same apartment.

Since British chinchilla cats and british kittens are not revengeful genetically and have excellent character, they will never scratch you and children and will not protect their claws even while playing. When your kid says: “I want to buy a British kitten or kittens”, it means that he or she is looking for a faithful friend. British chinchilla cats are great companions in children’s games and excellent friends next to you.

We have british kittens silver shaded and chinchilla color. Our british kittens and cats are in USA. British silver kittens have  green eyes. British white kittens have blue eyes. Our british cattery located in Chicago. If you want to see short movie about our british kittens, you are very welcome in our YouTube or Facebook. 

We are glad to offer you  beautiful british shorthair kittens in USA. Lovely british silver and white kittens wait for you. 

We have beautiful British Shorthair kittens for sale in USA. They are Silver Shaded kittens and Chinchilla colors kittens (colors).
They were born in January 7, 2014.